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May's Theme

This month's theme is: Childhood photo extravaganza!

I know a few people have already posted baby photos, but I thought I'd make it a theme for everyone because... childhood pictures are insanely fun, and it's an easy first theme. Here are some ideas I got while leafing through the photo album:

-holiday photos
-legendary photos
-funny photos (aren't all childhood photos funny?)

Okay, so I only came up with three. I'm a bit slow today, not to mention in a rush. But hey, it's a start! And, just for fun, include a photo that exemplifies the era you grew up in. For a few laughs.

At the end of your post, you can include a current photo so that we can all say aww and cry about how you're all grown up! I mean... so that we can compare.

Post away!

Here's a tip to avoid embarrassment: when posting photos of you and your sister, especially childhood photos, make sure your sister is okay with the photo! Or at least use your discretion. I know I won't be letting Britt post any pictures from that awkward stage I went through. That lasted for six years.

New Members:
I noticed that a few lovely ladies have joined that I've missed along the way. Comment back to this entry with either your sister's name, (or make up a superb alias for her), or her livejournal username so that I can add you both to The Sisters list on our info page, as well as the memories section for future posts.
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