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this is random, but i just thought of it. because.its now funny.

it must have been around....grade 1, i was really into gymnastics, and i thought, "hey. i wonder if i could do a back tuck, off the coutch?" so... of course i tried it. plan worked. but failed. i whipped my head off the corner of the coffee table, and started bleeding, because... i had cracked it open, and the first thing i said "Annnnee DONT tell mom!" so anne had a great idea, (i think she thought of it?), "jen, go to the top of stairs and pretend to fall!". so running to the top of the stairs. bleeding. and in pain, i managed to make a comotion, then screaming. and telling my mom i fell down the stairs. I got a couple stiches . i think 4? . Till this day, my mother actually still talks about it, but ......i haven't yet told her what really happend. :| . i wonder what she would say. haha. pretty smart cover up for being in grade one,haha all thanks. to anne.

the end.
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