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thesisters's Journal

The Sisters
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Info: A community for blood-sisters, half-sisters, twin-sisters, and step-sisters on livejournal. It's all about sisters. Post photos, stories, memories, the last ridiculous fight you had, the most trouble you've gotten each other in, anything you can think of. Laugh, make friends, and enjoy.

When you join:
Make a quick introduction post letting us know that you've joined. Mention your sister's username so I can add you to the list and add a section for you and your sister in Memories.

Moderator: suburbqueen

The Sisters:
suburbqueen & _spanningtime
violetsoma & fightingshoes
audienceawaits & wakedistracted
memoryflatlines & dip_the_chip
slinksterjess & hellocowie
demonicelf & the child
um_coeur & _tubularlove
mad_as_birds & outsleepwalking
revezauxetoiles & starof_earendil & Meghan

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